It Keeps Changing

During the summer of 2019 I slaved away on my first full length comic story, about a mysterious piece of paper that keeps changing hands. And the artwork on the paper keeps changing. Where did the paper come from? Where is it going? Is it as valuable as it seems to be? What does it […]

Cover Art for The Neighborhoods: Last Known Address

It was a huge honor to work on this. I had the privilege of designing and producing cover art for Last Known Address the first album of Neighborhoods studio recordings in many years. I met with the guys to talk about concepts, and Dave gave me a bunch of photos for potential use. Once we […]

MICE Art Show Comic

I had a great time exhibiting at MICE (Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo) in 2019. It was my fourth time there, but it was the first time I hung a piece of original comic art at the MICE Art Show. I made this comic for the occasion, and was pretty happy with how it came out. […]

Freeloader Album Cover Art

This was a really fun project I did back in the summer of 2019, cover art design and production for Freeloader’s debut CD. We decided to go for a 1970’s K-tel look. Which was harder than you’d think. The colors, the line weight, everything had to conform to a very particular look.

Nat Freedberg Album Art

It was fun creating album art for Nat Freedberg’s first solo album Better Late Than Never, which came out on the Rum Bar label late in 2018. We devised a story of sorts, where the front cover shows Nat running after a departing bus. Who’s on the bus? His guitar, as shown on the back […]

Sketch Cards

It’s fun making those quickie sketch cards — pen and ink with black and white wash — I sell them when I table at comic festivals; good cheap impulse buy

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