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K7s Album Cover Art

I got to design and illustrate an album cover for K7s, a new band from Spain! This is for their debut album, now out via Rum Bar Records. The band wanted a cartoon. They originally asked for a pizza/beer scenario. I suggested that we try for something a bit more unusual and submitted two sketches. […]

Brick Animated GIF

I admire David Craig, comic artist extraordinaire. One of Dave’s Brick comics inspired me to make this GIF.

Sketch Cards

It’s fun making those quickie sketch cards — pen and ink with black and white wash — I sell them when I table at comic festivals; good cheap impulse buy

Book Cover Design

I designed this book cover for a friend. Pretty straightforward but I like how it came out.

Dream Dollhouse Mouse Treehouse

This is really where it all began for me, as far as computer art/animation goes. I was thrilled to have the opportunity, in the mid 90’s, to create interactive scenes for a CD-ROM: Fisher-Price Dream Dollhouse. The Dollhouse had a secret “mouse world.” Each room in the Dollhouse provided access to a different scene featuring […]

Sand Trapped! Educational CD-ROM

I won’t post too many examples of projects from ages ago but this was so much fun to work on. I was an art director on this project, a late 90’s CD-ROM for 3rd graders, I got to work with a very talented team of artists. I contributed to the “plot,” activity/scene design, character design, […]

Designs for Justine and the Unclean

I had the pleasure of designing a logo for Justine and the Unclean, which I then used in the design of the artwork for their debut release (CD and LP).

Reel of Animated Graphics and Stuff

Crispin Wood's Reel of Animated Graphics and Stuff from Crispin Wood on Vimeo. Clips from various projects I’ve worked on

Animation Demo Reel

Crispin Wood: Demo Reel from Crispin Wood on Vimeo. Clips from various projects I’ve worked on.

3D Animation for Banner Ad

 3D Animation for Banner Ad from Crispin Wood on Vimeo. This 2011 project was a blast. I rigged and animated the balls. Textures, scene assembly and interaction were done via interactive agency in NY and Boston, audio and art direction via agency in LA. (Sorry for the low-res quality, it’s all I have)