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Holiday Card: Wreck The Halls

Concept, copy, ransom lettering and line art by my then tenth grade daughter. I did the coloring and layout.

Holiday Card: Bauble

Concept and copy by my then 9th grade daughter. I was tasked with emulating a certain type of magazine and paid careful attention to layout, fonts, etc. The “BAUBLE” logo was inspired by “VOGUE.” I did it by hand, in Illustrator.

Animation Storyboards

Storyboards from an animatic for a show that I pitched about a day care center

Bee and Troll Comic

Here’s the concept: Bee likes Troll, Troll does not like Bee.

Yeti 4 Hire Guest Comic

I had a blast doing this guest comic, for Jeff Crowther. Unfortunately it seems he’s stopped producing Yeti 4 Hire. I really liked that comic.

Infinite Corpse

My contribution to the Infinite Corpse. Here it is in the context of the larger “story” as a whole.

Dads Sunday Comic

By 2005 newspapers were starting to die but my friend Michael Kaplan and I gave it a go and developed a strip with syndication in mind. Most of the syndicates passed, but two expressed tentative interest. In the end we decided it wasn’t worth the trouble and moved on.  

Lunarbaboon Guest Comic

I did this guest comic for webcomic superstar Chris Grady (Lunarbaboon)

Early Small Blue Yonder Black and White Comics

In 2013, Small Blue Yonder comics were in black and white — ink pen and b&w wash. These three strips appear on page 25 of Small Blue Yonder: Black And White Comics From The Early Days!

Guest Comic for Joshua Hauke

I did this guest comic for Joshua Hauke, creator of the webcomic Tales Of The Brothers Three

What Follows, page 2

Sample page from a mini comic I made called What Follows. I sell it for $2 at comic festivals. Impulse buy!